Start Freq. (MHz) : 2000 MHz
Stop Freq. (MHz) : 6000 MHz
Pout (W) : 50 Watts
Gain(dB) : 48 dB
Vd (VDC) : 28 VDC
Current(A) : 6.5 A
Description +
The AVBR2060H47 is a 50W high gain Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier. This amplifier module utilizes the latest high power RF GaN transistors to improve the overall efficiency and built-in control and monitoring, over-reflection protection functions to ensure high reliability. This amplifier is suitable for broadband jamming and EMC testing, Phased array systems.
Features +

2GHz-6GHz frequency range

Psat 47dBm Min, 47.4dBm Typ.

Fast Switching time <500nS.

High Average Efficiency around 35%

Built-in control, monitoring and protection circuits

Solid-state Class AB Broadband design

Instantaneous ultra-broadband

Suitable for CW, and Pulse

Small and light weight

High reliability and ruggedness

Specification +
Description Symbol  Min Typ Max Unlt
Operating Frequency BW 2   6 GHz
Output Power CW@ Psat Psat 50 55   W
Output P1dB CW P1dB 10 20   W
Power Gain @ Pin=0 dBm Gp 47 48   dB
Power Gain Flatness @ Pin=0 dBm ∆Gp   ±1.0 ±1.5 dB
Input Power for Rated PIN -3 0 3 dBm
Harmonics @ Pout = 30W 2nd /3rd   -20/40 -15/20 dBc
Spurious Signals@ Pin=0 dBm Spur   -60   dBc
Input Return Loss S11   -15 -12 dB
Third Order Intercept Point
2-Tone @ 40dBm/Tone, 1MHz Spacing
IP3 50 51   dBm
Operating Voltage VDC 26  28 30 V
Current Consumption @ Pout=50~60W IDD   6.5 8.0 A
PAE Efficiency @Psat Effi 25 35   %
Module to Module Gain Tracking @Pin=0dBm ΔGT     ±1.0 dB
Module to Module Phase Tracking @Pin=0dBm ΔPT     ±15 Deg
Switching Time @ 1kHz TTL,  TON/TOFF     500 ns







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