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Start Freq. (MHz) : 1400 MHz
Stop Freq. (MHz) : 1900 MHz
Pout (W) : 200 Watts
Gain(dB) : 53 dB
Vd (VDC) : 28 VDC
Current(A) : 15 A
Description +
The AVLR1650H53 is a 200W high gain Solid State Narrowband High Power Amplifier. This amplifier module utilizes the latest high power RF LDMOS transistors and also features built in control and monitoring, with protection functions to ensure high availability. This amplifier is suitable for jamming and Modulated Signals testing.
Features +

1.4GHz-1.9GHz frequency range

Psat 53dBm Min

Power gain 53dB Min.

50 ohm input/output impedance

Built-in control, monitoring and protection circuits

Solid-state Class AB Broadband design

Instantaneous ultra-broadband

Suitable for CW, and Pulse

Small and light weight

High reliability and ruggedness

Specification +
Description Symbol Min Typ Max Unlt
Operating Frequency BW 1.4   1.9 GHz
Output Power CW P1dB P1 150 200   W
Power Gain @ Psat Gp 52 53   dB
Power Gain Flatness @ Rated PSAT ∆Gp   ±1.5 ±2 dB
Input Power for Rated Power PIN   0   dBm
Harmonics @ Pout =100W 2nd   -30   dBc
Noise Figure(If Needed, Please Contact) NF   N/A   dB
Spurious Signals@ Pout =100W Spur   -65 -60 dBc
Input Return Loss S11   -20 -15 dB
Third Order Intercept Point
2-Tone @ 40dBm/Tone, 100kHz
Spacing(If Needed, Please Contact)
IP3   N/A   dBc
Operating Voltage VDC 26  28 30 V
Current Consumption @ Pout= 150W IDD   15 20 A
Switching Time @ 1kHz TTL, PIN = -2dBm TON/TOFF   1.5 2 µs







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