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Electromagnetic warfare

AmpliVisionS provide a wide range of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based, high-power RF amplifiers for Electronic Warfare applications. These ruggedized RF amplifiers feature the industry’s best RF output power-to-weight ratio and enables long distance stand-off jamming and self-protection applications for a wide range of assets, including airborne platforms with stringent SWAP requirements such as UAVs and EW pods.

The latest innovation builds upon our decades-long engineering experience in EW systems, while leveraging the latest GaN technologies. Combined with our unique high power combine techniques and pioneering cooling approach, the GaN power amplifiers have became the optimized choice for the next generation of EW systems. Our products feature multi-octave broadband operation, high efficiency, flat power and gain characteristics, and compact size to meet the specific requirements of any application, from EW pods to UAVs and other platforms. AmpliVisionS GaN SSPA enables longer distance effects and more effective jamming versus legacy systems.

Some EW systems are designed for specific missions and require uniquely custom components. To serve these needs, we can easily modify our off the shelf product line, or create from-scratch custom RF assemblies per your specifications. AmpliVisionS engineering team frequently executes on custom concept-to-product requests with very short lead times, so we can react swiftly to new requirements and to offer a variety of cost-effective, value-added solutions.

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