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AmpliVisionS is developing a family of high-power, high-efficiency, GaN amplifiers that are targeted toward L-, S-, C- and X-band radar applications.

Gallium nitride (GaN) is recognized as the key next-generation amplifier technology for radar systems manufacturers. AmpliVisionS recognize the distinct advantages of the wide bandgap GaN technology—higher voltage and broader bandwidth performance combined with high drain efficiency. GaN offers significant, recognized advantages over existing Si and VED technologies for applications operating in frequency bands <6 GHz. Radar systems for both civilian and military applications are ideally suited based on AmpliVisionS SSPA exceptional pulsed and continuous wave (CW) performance.

Enabling wider bandwidth operation, while maintaining efficient high power performance, will allow for the simplification of high-power radar systems. To address this need, AmpliVisionS is expanding its portfolio of high-power, matched amplifiers targeting next-generation military and civilian radar applications. AmpliVisionS GaN amplifiers are designed to allow system designers to address multiple bands with a singly-matched amplifier implementation. These GaN solutions reduce the size and complexity of the overall multi-kilowatt amplifier, resulting in unmatched benefits to the end customers—minimized space and lower lifetime operational costs.

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