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Next generation military and civilian communication require the ability to transfer high quality data at a much faster rate. The power amplifier and the low noise amplifier, consequently, dictate the quality of wireless or RF communication and therefore are critical in RF transceiver design. AmpliVisionS engineer team accepted the challenge with finding power amplifier solutions to make more efficient wireless communication a reality.


Over the last 5 years, AmpliVisionS has developed a GaN-based SSPA product line to accommodate the immense continued growth in data rates of future wireless communication systems require. These products based on our building block approach cross power levels and frequency bands, with output from 10 to 200 linear watts and from L-band to Ka-band. Our unique power amplifiers are able to transmit multi-carrier and multi-mode signals that occupy the full frequency span of a given communication spectrum, while also meeting challenging power, efficiency, and linearity requirements.

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