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Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement

RF power amplifiers are used to simulate interactions between a device under test (DUT) and electromagnetic fields it can encounter in real-life circumstances. These tests are done by boosting RF signals and demonstrate whether electromagnetic interference (EMI) will occur. Multiple standards have been established surrounding the testing of devices and radiated immunity testing that RF power amplifiers are able to satisfy. To effectively simulate specific electromagnetic field conditions for EMC standards, RF power amplifiers need to amplify over a specific frequency range, power output, power efficiency, gain, and linearity. Most electronic devices, including cell phones and radios, can produce EMI and cause signal interference or damage to the device.

AmpliVisionS provide a wide variety of Boradband Power Amplifiers for RF testing and mearurement. You can easily find the equipment you need for your required frequency range or test standards. Our solid state power amplifiers offer higher reliability, better mismatch tolerance, much better harmonic distortion, and better MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) than similar products.

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